Settlement Services

Written by Jacey Harmon
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When looking for settlement services, there are two types of services that come to mind. The first is a good lawyer who will help you get the right kind settlement at the right price. The second is a good funding company that can help you with getting an advance on structured settlement payments.

Finding and Using Settlement Services

Most structured settlements are products of a long drawn out lawsuit. Typically, a person or family will sue an insurance company for a monetary reward due to injury, illness or wrongful death. A lawyer who is experienced with dealing with insurance companies and settlements is a valuable tool when going through a lawsuit. The lawyer will be able to negotiate the type of settlement, funding of the settlement, and amount of the settlement.

A structured settlement is a strict agreement that will pay the price of the settlement over time. The settlement is funded by a single premium annuity that the defendant purchases for the plaintiff. The plaintiff only has the rights to the payments and in order to access the pool of funds, one must get an advance. Businesses will provide a select percentage of future payments in exchange. The plaintiff will assign the future payments to the business in exchange of this advance.

To find a good lawyer, one should contact the local bar association. Several states will also provide a list of lawyers in your area or state that specialize in a specific area of the law. The Internet is a great source for finding advanced funding businesses. These businesses will likely allow a person to request bids for their settlement payments through an online form.

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