Structured Settlement Payment

Written by Josh Dodes
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It is not uncommon for personal injuries cases to end with a cash reward in the form of a structured settlement payment. With so much money on the line, such a long-term payout may represent a perfect solution. But in many cases, recipients of such structured settlement payments have expressed frustration with having to wait years for the completion of a settlement that they badly need.

Fortunately, such structured settlement recipients have a new option. For the first time, a handful of truly reliable, experienced annuity buyers and sellers have made it possible for the recipient of a structured settlement payment to sell that long-term payment in exchange for a short-term lump sum. Happily, these annuity experts can then also make it possible for those investors seeking just such annuities to take advantage of exceptional prices and payment terms.

Buying or Selling a Structured Settlement Payment

Above all, buying or selling a structured payment requires trust and confidence. The top annuities professionals are remarkably trustworthy, and are often reported to have been a pleasure to work with. And no wonder: only a sale deemed to be in the best interest of the seller can be approved by a judge, so top experts go all out to offer you the most favorable possible terms.

I advise that you do your homework and trust your instincts. A company making breathless promises that sounds too good to be true is likely to be a company that you cannot trust at all. But with the right team at your side, you can enjoy the benefits of options better than those ever before available.

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