Atm Distributors

Written by James McLean
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There is a reason you see so many ATM distributors advertising in business journals across the country. With few exceptions, these companies make a tidy profit on the additional fees incurred by the many customers who use their products. What you may not realize is that those same profits can be yours for the taking.

The chief advantage to maintaining an ATM on the premises is the vastly increased revenue stream that comes with all that cash. Countless customers who wouldn't ordinarily spend so much money tend to find themselves feeling a little wealthier with an ATM on hand. After all, the fear of walking out without enough cash for the subway essentially vanishes from the equation.

Owning vs. Renting

There are other revenue streams available to savvy business owners, however, and more people are learning about how they work every year. The nutshell version is this: when you rent the ATM, most of the fees go to the company providing all your maintenance and installations. When you buy one, those percentages essentially flip.

To be fair, there are considerable risks associated with owning instead of renting. Most of the maintenance and upkeep falls onto your shoulders, as do the legal consequences if the machine goes south. That's why no matter what you choose, you may want to have a substantive conversation first with an expert from one of the major ATM suppliers.

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