Atm Installations

Written by James McLean
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Not all ATM installations go as well as others. The sad truth is that this industry is rife with nightmare accounts of stripped wiring, damaged paint jobs and poor service. If you want the right machine installed by expert hands, it may be worth looking a little deeper for a company with a stellar reputation.

Good ATM installations take just a few steps. First, you choose the machine, ideally with the help of experts at the company who can walk you through considerations such as footprint, communications and volume capacity. After a three-week wait or so, professionals should arrive to have the thing up and running in a matter of hours.

The Right Installation

Setting up a secure communications line is the last step, along with final checks on the display, printer, and storage. If the technicians botch any part of the job, you are right to expect them back the next day. Companies that don't adhere to these guidelines are slowly finding themselves competed out of business by superior customer service.

The good news is that some national companies still do this work cheaply and consistently. If you have determined the time is right to boost your revenues with an onsite ATM, it may be worth getting an estimate from true experts in the field. When you know what to expect, you will usually have a far better experience from start to finish.

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