Atm Leasing

Written by James McLean
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These days, a growing number of small businesses are looking into the advantages of ATM leasing. This industry, once considered the province of gas stations and convenience stores alone, has exploded into major retail outlets across the country. More customers expect an easy way to get money at the point of sale today then ever before.

Choosing the right ATM supplier can be difficult. Each supplier offers slightly different services and machines, and knowing how to assign value to these separate criteria takes a good understanding of the figures involved. Withdrawal fees, maintenance fees, warranties and initial price must all enter the equation.

Better Options in ATM Leasing

The good news is that most major ATM suppliers will be able to walk you through the steps. Picking the proper machine and adding the perfect sign takes some consideration, as does determining what ads to run on the screen. From there, much of what you negotiate will be about the division of overhead costs and how responsible you are for the machine at the end of its run.

Whatever you choose, most experts advise going with a machine that can handle the volume. Full-featured ATM suppliers will provide everything from installation through upkeep for lessees, which is why so many businesses opt for these turnkey solutions instead of purchasing. If you want to boost sales and give your customers a higher breed of convenience, it may be worth checking out the top brands in this popular field.

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