Atm Machines

Written by James McLean
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We live in an increasingly cash-free society. One need only look online or at most major retail outlets to see the evidence all around: plastic and electronic transfers account for ever-larger percentages of our national consumption. Even checking is making inroads into a number of daily transactions formerly dominated by cash.

Still, there are times when carrying cold, hard currency around provides a sense of security no card can match. Identity theft is a real and growing problem, and many of the same people who had converted exclusively to credit have returned to more traditional payment methods out of concern for security. No wonder ATM use is on the rise again

The Search for an ATM

Of course, all the fealty in the world does little good if you can't find an ATM nearby. Although the number of ATMs has been growing for some time in this country and may soon hit the half-million mark, such trends don't always mean you can find one when you need it. Increasingly, customers are making decisions about whom to patronize based on their proximity to a ready source of currency.

This is especially true with gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants. Businesses such as these demand cash for small items and tips, and our increasingly busy society is forcing people to think more practically about where they go for goods. Often the presence of an ATM provides a push that makes the decision a little clearer than it might otherwise be.

Inside Edge

Having an ATM on the premises is infinitely more valuable than simply being lucky enough to have one nearby. Businesses who rent or own universally compatible, independent ATMs offer their customers access to financial information and the cash to buy more items. The corresponding bump in sales is usually pretty plain to see.

Harried customers have increasingly come to depend on superstores and other centers whose goods and services more closely approximate the idea of one-stop shopping. The simple fact is that most people don't have the time or resources to devote separate parts of their day to time-consuming errands. Keeping an ATM around makes your place of business something more than a niche player.

Top Security

ATMs come in a wide variety of sizes, footprints, and brands. You can get a simple monochrome machine that communicates with the central computers at 2400 baud or a full-featured financial center with always-on broadband and video advertisements of your choosing. The best of these provide state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to ensure your customers' assets and data are always kept private.

Top companies in this industry provide turnkey solutions that can have you up and running in a matter of weeks. Analysts help you choose the machine that suits your business volume, and technicians can usually set it all up in an afternoon. If you are looking for clever ways to increase revenues without dropping thousands into marketing, you may find an "ATM" sign in the window does wonders on its own.

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