Atm Placement

Written by James McLean
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ATM placement is one of the most important concerns when you install one of these handy machines in your place of business. Too out of the way and your customers might never know the service is available on the premises. Too easy to spot and you could find yourself losing business to people who just want to grab some cash and go.

How to Determine ATM Placement

Companies that have been in this business for some time usually know a little more about the right way to account for traffic flow in and around the machine. Wherever you put it, there is little doubt that the addition of an ATM to your retail location will boost sales, increase foot traffic, and provide you with new revenue streams you might otherwise never see. That's why so many companies are investing in a variety of new machines.

Which to Get

Not all ATMs are created equal. Some are better built for high-volume locations, while others seem well-suited to out of the way places where you don't expect much in the way of volume. You can get everything from old-style monochrome screens to full video, LCD wonders, as well as choosing whether you want touch sensitivity or not. Many of the newest designs even let you include your own marketing materials on the screens.

If you are looking for the right way to place an ATM, it may be worth checking with the top sellers of these popular products. Many companies will help you pick a model and choose the ideal place to install it. The best will even keep you on a regular maintenance schedule with lightening-fast customer service whenever the need should arise.

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