Atm Solutions

Written by James McLean
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Many people who come online looking for ATM solutions quickly find themselves dazzled by all the options. Do you want cashless or fully featured? Freestanding or installed? And what kind of communications pipeline?

Rest easy. The good news is that many such concerns are ultimately less important than many companies might lead you to believe. The key to making a good decision in this area is to understand exactly what each machine is capable of, and what each company will do for you along the way.

Goods and Services

ATMs tend to have vastly different volume capacities. Some can handle thousands a day, while others keep a comparably tiny cache on hand. The level of detail in receipts can vary, as can the marketing opportunities you get on the screens themselves. Each can tweak your revenue stream in one direction or another, but few decisions you make are as important as deciding to invest in an ATM at all.

When your customers can get cash at the same place they get goods, it completes a loop that sends their experience through a quantum leap of convenience. The best ATM solutions tend to include solid machines, regular service, and expert installation. What happens from there is essentially up to you.

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