Outdoor Atm

Written by Tara Peris
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Outdoor ATMs are just one of the many ways that technology has allowed us new found freedom. No longer confined to the stifling atmosphere of indoor facilities, we can conduct our financial transactions in just about any location. This is good news for you, the ATM owner, as it means a wealth of new options when it comes to placing your money new machine.

When ATMs were first developed in the early 1970s, they were mammoth machines that were literally built into the side of the bank building. In order to ensure safety, most of them were enclosed as a less-secure extension of the bank itself. This made sense given the novelty of the machines as well as their initial limitations. Since then, advances in ATM technology have allowed money machines to be placed in every conceivable location while still preserving security and reliability.

Selecting and Placing an Outdoor ATM
This being said, it pays to exercise a little foresight when positioning your outdoor ATM. After all, there's no need to invite trouble. Try to select an outdoor location that gets natural surveillance. In addition, as your machine may be subject to inclement conditions outside, consider a model with a reputation for durability such as Triton or Qualtex.

Together, these measures will ensure that you capitalize on the best of what outdoor machines have to offer: increased flexibility and ease of accessibility. With careful planning, there's no limit to where these machines can go and how much you can make.

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