Qualtex Atms

Written by James McLean
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Qualtex is known for making some of the hardiest and most accessible through-the-wall ATMs for private use. Because the company has focused almost exclusively on these innovative designs, their efforts have been rewarded with a wide range of contracts. No wonder so many top companies trust Qualtex products to serve their customer's valuable financial transactions.

Quality Qualtex ATMs

Of course all the steel in the world does little good if the software and graphical components aren't up to snuff. Many Qualtrex products boast full-color Kyocera screens, surge protectors and back-lit keyboards for nighttime use. They even include "always on" TCP/IP connections for reliable data transfer.

Why Wall Mounted ATMs?

The chief advantage of wall-mounted ATMs is that they allow your customers to access funds without getting out of their cars. If you own any kind of a drive-through service or cater to customers in a hurry, you may find they repay you with increased buying habits. Even when you're closed, that ATM can continue to generate confidence and loyalty from the folks who traffic most heavily in your area.

Sometimes the best way to build a company is to offer services above and beyond what most consumers expect. If you have thought about adding an ATM to the premises, it may be useful to check out the latest Qualtex designs. As an industry standard, it is widely considered one of the most secure companies you can deal with.

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