Tidel Atms

Written by James McLean
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Tidel ATMs are some of the most versatile and easily customized ATMs in the business. They boast a variety of features that make them safe and easy to use, and come in a vast array of designs for whatever size and footprint patches your needs. But perhaps their chief advantage is that they are some of the least expensive machines on the market today.

ATM use in on the rise, and nothing seems likely to slow the trend. The number of ATMs in the U.S. has doubled since 1996, and experts believe it won't take nearly as long to double again. Much of the spike has come from small businesses just now coming wise to the many advantages of renting an ATM for the premises.

The Tidel Wave

Tidel offers many of the security features, such as encryption and secure data transfer, that have by now become industry standards. The company does many of these better than other manufacturers with proprietary technologies such as their Tamper Resistant Encrypted Pin Pad (TREPP), which adds an additional layer of security. Triple DES compliance makes banks a little more comfortable about dealing with an independent supplier as well.

Tidels are widely renowned for being some of the easiest ATMs to customize. If you are a business in search of a look that will unify the store, the company makes a variety of custom signs and decals available for purchase. The upshot is that you get something that looks like it could never belong anywhere else.

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