Written by Tara Peris
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Tranax is a well-established leader in ATM technology, and offers a range of products designed to meet all business needs. For years, they have built a name for themselves that is based on innovation, quality and customer service. These qualities make Tranax a sound investment for those looking to purchase an ATM machine.

Among their most popular offerings are their mini ATMs. Many small businesses simply cannot accommodate large-refrigerator-like models that usurp precious floor space. Instead, they require a product that can be tucked away in a corner or adjacent to a register. A mini-ATM fits this bill and Tranax has several impressive models from which to choose.

Tranax: Friend to the Small Businesses
If this doesn't suffice, consider their Nano models that are small enough to be installed on a counter top. Occupying minimal space, these tiny machines still manage to provide all the services one would require of an ATM. They are the ideal option for those in small independent business who have prominent space constraints. You don't need to sacrifice room to expand your customer service options.

Regardless of the model and style you seek, Tranax has a product to meet your business needs. In addition, they offer a variety of accessories including, neon ATM signs, surge protectors, and much, much more. Collectively, these offerings make Tranax a full-service line of quality ATM products that are well-worth considering next time you're in the market for an automated teller machine.

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