Tranax Atms

Written by James McLean
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The Tranax name pretty much represents the gold standard for independent, cross-platform compatible ATMs for places of business. Instead of offering a few rudimentary services and little else, these full-featured machines offer practically everything you can do at a bank. Bets of all, they are among the most secure pieces of hardware you can buy.

The flagship product remains the Mini Bank 1500, one of the most handsome ATMs in the line. Boasting a full-color, full video display and intuitive menus, it is ready to go from the day you plug it in. And with four different cassette types available, it can be customized to suit your cash volume expectations.

True Security with Tranax

But the real advantage of the product is its sterling reputation for security. With a quarter-inch of steel at the bottom, wide footprint and nearly 300 pounds of weight, this is not a machine easily broached. And with an encrypting pin pad (EPP), you are assured of foiling would-be hackers and spies.

Customers withdraw more money from machines they trust. Tranax has distinguished itself as one of the foremost manufacturers of quality ATMs in the world. If you are looking for simple ways to get cash into the hands of your valuable customers, you may want to look into these popular products.

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