Triton 9100

Written by James McLean
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The Triton 9100 is one of the better regarded, inexpensive ATMs for small businesses. With a 5.7" monochrome screen, 2400 baud modem, and manual combination lock, this is not a workhorse built for very high traffic. But if you expect slower traffic and customers who simply want access to their accounts through a secure line, this can be an ideal solution.

Triton has been around for some time now, and the company has learned a thing or two about the expectations of their clients. Probably the most important is that no matter how small the machine, no matter how lightweight and retiring, it must still boast their very best security and encryption features. The 9100 doesn't disappoint in either area.

Stay Safe with the Triton 9100

Triton developed the Secure Pin Entry Device (SPED) to meet the requests of customers looking for a safer way to transact sensitive procedures. In combination with its triple DES encryption, this clever feature makes it easy to foil would-be hackers and prying eyes. And the proprietary TDM cash-dispensing mechanism is widely regarded as virtually error-free and a cinch to repair.

There are more expensive ATMs on the market to be sure, but sometimes what you want is elegant security and little more. The Triton 9100 has become popular enough that you have likely used one in your own life without even realizing it. If you want to learn more, many of the major suppliers carry these popular machines at competitive prices.

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