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Chase Manhattan

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Chase Manhattan was originally called the Bank of Manhattan and originated in 1799. Throughout the years, a variety of mergers have taken place, the latest being a merger between J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Banc One Corp. Currently, the company is known as J.P. Morgan Chase.

An Experienced Company
J.P. Morgan Chase is the third-largest banking institution in the United States, and offers a variety of consumer and commercial banking services that operate under the Chase Manhattan brand. In addition to individuals, the brand serves over 850,000 small businesses and 31,000 commercial businesses. Chase offers a financial service or program for just about everybody.

Chase programs include: retail banking, credit card services, home and auto financing, and business and corporate banking. The credit card business is headquartered in Delaware, while the retail and commercial headquarters are in Chicago. Chase offers services to consumers nationwide as well as internationally.

Chase is also a prominent figure in global investing. Chase operates in more than 50 countries with assets of over $1 trillion, although the consumer and commercial banking businesses we are most familiar with operate under the Chase brand. Brand recognition is emphasized by offering one-stop services to consumers for all of their financial needs.

Chase Manhattan Financial Services
Chase Manhattan offers financial services to cover every aspect of a person's financial affairs. From individual banking to global investments, Chase Manhattan is in nearly every financial arena. Below are some of their popular services offered to consumers.

Chase provides checking and savings accounts, ATM services and online banking capabilities. The Chase Complete program gives the consumer a variety of banking options bundled together into one service. The program includes a checking and savings account, an ATM or bank card, and overdraft protection.

Stafford loans and Federal family education loans are also offered through the federal student loan program administered by Chase. In addition, Chase provides an array of tailored private education loans, including loans for law school, business administration programs, and health and education areas of study. The also have general education loan programs.

As part of their diversified group of financial services, Chase markets many different types of insurance, including personal property, life and health, and coverage for small business owners. Many investments products are also available. From mutual funds to full service brokerage, investments begin for as little as $250. Or, if you are lucky enough to have at least $250,000 to invest, you qualify for the Personal Financial Services program.

Variety in Purchase Programs
In keeping pace with the explosion of the mortgage industry, a wide variety of purchase programs are available, including programs for first-time homebuyers. Chase also offers loans based on the equity of your home and programs for lowering the monthly mortgage bill. Refinancing and vacation property financing is also included.

it seems that nearly all banks today offer credit cards, and Chase Manhattan is no exception. They have a variety of cards, including cards that provide rebates, travel and entertainment rewards, and cards tailored for student use. They also offer supplemental services like fraud protection, and payment deferment for periods of unemployment.

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