Court Bonds

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Court bonds are issued to those personnel in the legal profession who have a responsibility to the public and to the people they serve. As is the case with all bonding issues, mishandled legal matters can be costly. Court bonds are an important component in offering protection against incompetent legal actions.

How Court Bonds Impact the Legal System

There are many aspects of the legal profession which require the inclusion of court bonds. Probate and fiduciary matters are particularly important areas where the interests of the parties involved must be protected. Basically, the settlement of a person's money, property, and other affairs have to be managed and distributed according to all the terms of the law and the agreements and contracts made in a will or court order.

Bonded lawyers are also important to seek out when faced with the necessity for legal representation. Error or negligence on their part should never cost a person they are representing money or time. If a ruling against a party being represented occurs, this should be due solely on the merits of the case, not the incompetence of a legal professional. The same applies to any other costs that may occur in the preparation or investigation of a case.

What Surety Companies Do

A bonded legal professional is one what to know you are being protected. They would not be bonded if they were not reliable. If they do make a mistake, the surety company issuing the bond absorbs the costs, not the party incurring the expense. This is why it is so important to only deal with bonded legal professionals.

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