Government Bond Requirements For Construction

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There are many government bond requirements for construction. The nature of construction is such that legal permits, zoning laws, employee safety, and public and private funds must be protected. As such, construction companies hold a heavy burden of responsibility. The need for such companies to be bonded is meant to protect as many parties as possible from potential mishaps.

Government Bond Requirements for Construction: Protecting Those They Serve

The purpose of government bond requirements for construction is basically to protect the interests of the individual, the public, and the law. Take a major construction undertaking such as the building of a bridge or highway. If a mistake is made, raising taxes to pay for it is illegal. Surety companies issuing bonds pay for such mistakes.

Another area of government bond requirements for construction has to do with ensuring worker safety. If an accident on the job leads to injury, the company employing that individual is responsible for their treatment. Preventative maintenance in providing the proper equipment to curtail such accidents from occurring in the first place is also important.

Vital Safety

Government bonds are a vital aspect of guaranteeing and protecting the public and other people involved from loss. An accident or mistake can potentially cost millions in some construction situations. Failure to adhere to zoning and permit laws can cost time as well in rebuilding efforts. The need to be covered in the event of such mishaps is crucial.

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