National Surety Services

Written by Michael O'Brien
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National surety services provide surety bonds across America. Some surety bond companies choose to focus on only one state or location. Others choose to offer bonding nationwide. Some companies focus on a certain region, but also include insurance in their services.

What Are National Surety Services?

Surety bonds provide a risk transfer mechanism. Construction is an inherently risky business. It is not uncommon for construction companies to place a bid, get the job, then later find out they cannot fulfill their contractual obligations. Without surety bonds, the owner would find himself in a financial mess.


When contractors are bonded, surety bond companies become responsible for indemnity to the owner. National surety services provide this peace of mind across the country. Owners needing construction should always hire bonded contractors. That way, the surety bond company will reimburse the owner for any incurred losses.

Indemnity means to make whole. This is the responsibility of national surety services. Once a contract is put in place, the contractor is expected to fulfill all contractual obligations. This, however, does not always transpire. If contractors default, the surety bond company is responsible for indemnity.

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