Notary Bonds

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Notary bonds cover situations where legal documents require official notarization. This must be done by a certified notary public. The Secretary of State is responsible for appointing notaries. Notary bonds are necessary for persons who wish to become notaries. The purpose of such bonds is to protect individuals seeking the services of the notary from any legal misconduct or financial loss caused by failure to follow proper legal procedures.

How to Obtain Notary Bonds

Notary duties are varied. Services include taking acknowledgments, administering oaths, and certifying copies. Notaries may work in banks, law firms, title companies, and in private businesses.

Requirements to become a notary public may vary from state to state. General requirements include being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, being at least eighteen years old, and having no felony on a criminal record. Notaries must obtain a notary stamp for official documents. This is available once a Certificate of Appointment is obtained.

Good Work

Being a notary can yield excellent extra income. Once notary bonds are paid, and notary requirements are met, it is a quick process to become a notary. Many people operate as notaries in their spare time. This kind of work can even lead to full-time employment.

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