Cash Advances

Written by Serena Berger
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Cash advances are probably a thing of the past as far as most payroll systems are concerned. It is much easier for a company to issue checks to its employees all at the same time so that the person in charge of payroll does not need to be concerned with employees not receiving their paychecks on time. From an administrative point of view, having a preset payday is much simpler than allowing employees to be paid at their convenience, especially when there are hundreds or thousands of them.

While the rationale for their being unavailable from employers is clear, there are times at which cash advances would provide anyone with a little bit of breathing room. If you have just gotten back from a vacation, you may have to start paying the bills from it on top of all your other expenses before your tan has even faded, and might find yourself a little short on funds. The only options that you have are to incur finance charges on the credit card bills, or try and wrangle up some money in time to pay them.

Applying for Cash Advances

Fortunately, lending companies understand that people sometimes need money before their payday. Getting cash advances from them can be very easy, as some will only require proof of employment in the form of old pay stubs. The reason for the simple application is that the loan is just a cash advance of your pay, which you will be able to pay back on your next payday.

If bills from vacations are the worst of your concerns, you are probably luckier than most people who are applying for loans. It may be the case that in a dual income household, one person is temporarily between jobs, and as a result the disposable income is temporarily a little lower. The working person can still apply for a cash advance to cover expenses in the interim while the other person looks for new employment, making this period a little bit easier.

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