Fast Cash Advance Payday Loans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Fast cash advance payday loans are typically applied for online and approved in a few minutes. Your application must be complete, and the information confirmed before approval can be given, but if there are no problems or omissions, approval should be emailed in a short time for fast cash advance payday loans. In case more details or fuller answers must be faxed, approval will occur on the next business day.

As a helpful reminder, an email will be sent to you three days before your repayment is due. The procedure for repayment is kept as simple as the application and approval process. All you have to do is go online to the website of your selected loan company, click on "My Account," click on "Current Loan," and go to "Pay Options."

Repayment Options for Fast Cash Advance Payday Loans

At this point, there are choices that are intended to make it as easy as possible for you to meet your obligation for fast cash advance payday loans. You can pay off every penny of the loan; if this option is chosen, you may apply for another loan in eight days, if you need small cash loans. It is to your advantage to pay your loan in full, if possible. The loan terms are for a 14-day period, so if your repayment takes longer, your loan and the fees will be renewed.

Your second option is to pay only the interest and fees on the quick cash payday loans, which will automatically renew them for another term. Keep in mind that this also renews your fees and interest rate. Third, you may pay the interest and part of the principal (the loan amount) in increments of $10. Last, you may do nothing, and the entire amount of your loan, plus fees and interest rate, will be renewed for another term.

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