Fast Funds

Written by Serena Berger
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Fast funds can be like a siren tempting sailors, appearing at first to be attractive, but all the while leading the unwary into a wreck. While the appeal is clear, as is evident by the numerous lottery games that are played despite the astronomical odds against winning, little consideration is given to the pitfalls of being tempted by the possibility of fast cash. If you took your money to Las Vegas or Atlantic City looking to make a quick dollar, you might come out ahead in the casino, and you could still find that your jaunt ended up costing more than you won.

Promises of Fast Funds

In the backs of magazines and newspapers, there are a slew of advertisements claiming to guarantee fast funds. You should be leery of such claims, as they will often require you to pay for additional information that, in the end, you will find completely useless. While there may be a diamond in the rough, you may have to wade your way through many false promises before finding something truly profitable.

It is often the case that when you require fast funds, you are in desperate need of the money. A scenario demanding cash quickly can arise from any number of situations, such as unexpected unemployment or medical emergencies. In these situations, you may be able to dip into your portfolio and liquidate some of your assets, but that will often take some time.

As a result of the time lag, you may force yourself to part with some of your most treasured possessions to come up with fast funds. With the growing popularity of online auctions, you can find a buyer for almost anything--but even that can take several days, and occasionally buyers don't even make payments. Ultimately, you should consider other options, such as short term loans, because the money can be repaid at a later date, but you will not be able to replace what you have sold.

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