Help Paying Bills

Written by Liza Hartung
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Millions of Americans wouldn't mind a little help paying their bills. Many people work paycheck to paycheck, giving them no sense of relief or ability to take a real break. It's tough when every meal, bill and outing depends on a check hitting your bank account. It's especially tough when a rough situation hits. You never know when your car will suddenly break down or you realize that you've written a few too many checks. Often, parents with kids are hit with financial difficulty if a child gets sick.

In order to start feeling a little more secure in your money situations, you might want to think about setting a budget for yourself. Really get your finances in order, so that you always know just what's available. Start by sitting down with old receipts, bank statements and pay stubs (if you have them). Write down everything that you have spent money on in the past few months. If you don't have any paper documents, take your best guess.

If you have to guess, it's better to overestimate than underestimate when it comes to your spending habits. Write down everything from bills, classes, food, dining out, clothes, books, and toiletries--absolutely everything you spend money on. In addition, start including 10 percent of your earnings as spending. This is best put in a savings account for extreme emergency situations.

A Quick Alternative to Savings

If you don't have much in your savings account yet, or you haven't opened one but are in need of some quick cash for your bills, you might want to consider a cash advance. You can now apply online at many sites that don't even require a credit check. Only apply for the amount that you need. Make sure you can pay it back by your next paycheck in order to avoid big fees.

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