Money Troubles

Written by Serena Berger
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Money troubles can arise in so many different ways that it's good to be aware of all of the possible ways to deal with them. In some cases, there are short term solutions to one-time problems. If you need to pay a couple of bills at the same time that you have an unexpected expense that you don't want to or can't charge on a credit card, a short term loan may be a good way to solve your money troubles.

Avoiding Money Troubles with Short Term Loans

While paying the high interest on a short term loan isn't ideal very often, sometimes it's worth it. Not making payment on your utilities can result in their being shut off, which is both a big problem for your family, and a greater financial inconvenience in the future. Frequently there are re-activation charges that mean you just have to pay more money to the electric or phone company in the future.

Even worse in the long term, at some point, not paying your bills can result in your credit rating taking a hit you would rather avoid. The good news is that it won't happen right away or if you have a problem one time. If you have repeated money troubles that result in unpaid bills, however, ultimately the utility company will report it to a collection agency and national credit agency, in an attempt to get the money that you owe.

There are non-profit companies that specialize in helping you get your debt reduced or teaching you to manage money better. Their services are definitely part of a good long term plan to solve your money woes if they are recurring. In the short term, however, a cash advance on your paycheck can help you avoid some unpleasant consequences of financial difficulties.

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