Overnight Cash Advances

Written by Liza Hartung
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You're in your apartment on any given day of the week, getting ready to go to the local Department of Water and Power so that you can pay your bill and keep your service from being turned off. You finally pull on your shoes, grab your keys and lock the door behind you. As you start to walk to your car, you realize that you may have parked on the street cleaning side of the street last night.

You're hoping that the fact that you are the only car on the right side of the street has nothing to do with street cleaning and everything to do with people having to be at work before you do. As you get closer to your car, you see an orange cat sitting by your tire. As you get even closer, you realize that that's no cat. Your car has been booted. Not only can you not pay your DWP bill, you now have to pay several hundred dollars to get that thing off your car.

In a Bind

What do you do when situations like these happen and you are in no financial position to do anything about it? You can ask your friends and family, unless you have exhausted that resource already. When you need cash as fast as possible for emergency situations, I suggest looking into online payday advances. This is where you can apply via the Internet for a small loan to help tide you over.

This is not a large loan. Lenders usually expect you to repay the loan by your next payday. Since the loan isn't that big, lenders can get you the money very quickly. Many times when you apply online, you will wake up the next morning to find that the funds have been deposited into your account.

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