Payday Advance Loans

Written by Liza Hartung
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Most of us have had at least one point in our lives when emergencies came up that required money that wasn't in the bank. These situations happen most frequently to those who are fresh out of college and are still searching for their dream jobs. These situations can certainly wreak havoc on the stress centers of the body, causing knots in the back, upset tummies, headaches and emotional outbreaks.

When these situations hit us, there are several avenues of action we can pursue. Oftentimes, the helpless feeling leads to emotional breakdowns that cause us to cry or yell. However, this usually doesn't solve the problem. We can beg parents, relatives and friends to loan us the money. If you already owe some of them money, this can be a particularly hard thing to ask for.

Some people may have a savings that they automatically want to dip into. This may or may not be a good idea. If you are just starting out with a savings account, you should avoid dipping into it at all costs for about six months to a year. It's simply good financial planning that you have a decent amount in your savings account. Of course, many argue that the exact purpose of a savings account is for emergencies. However, in most cases, it's never a good idea to drain that account completely. use some of it--that's what it's for. But what if your financial emergency requires more than what you have?

Before Payday

It seems that many of these financial emergencies like to sprout up right before payday. It's just at the point when we are running out of money but don't have any more coming in for about a week. If you need money immediately, you might want to consider a payday advance loan. These are also known as cash advances and deferred deposit checks.

Some of you may have heard of payday advance loans, but have never needed to look into one before. In short, a payday advance loan is a small amount of money that you borrow for a short amount of time, usually with high fees or a high interest rate. You should know, though, that the fees generally will not surpass what you could end up paying in bounced check fees.

Most people who have need of a cash advance need it quickly. Therefore, most places that provide these loans can generally have it in your account the very next day. There are different places that offer payday advance loans. You can find them at check cashers, finance companies and other such businesses. In addition, you can find hundreds of websites solely devoted to supplying cash advances.

Applying Online

Although it can be the fastest route to getting badly needed money in your account, you need to be careful when using the Internet. You will be asked to give your social security number as well as your checking account number. The checking number is needed so that the loan money can be deposited into your account. In addition, the money to pay back the loan will be taken from that account.

If you know of a friend, family member or co-worker who has used a website for a cash advance, see if they can give you the URL address of the provider they used. You'll know that you will be dealing with a decent company. If you're on your own, check out a few websites first. Compare service fees and response times quoted. You should compare no fewer than three sites before making your choice.

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