Payday Loan Applications

Written by Serena Berger
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Payday loan applications are easy and painless. Typically you can fill them out online--you don't have to leave your house or deal with any staff at a financial institution. You won't be asked any personal questions about your lifestyle, spending, or credit history, either.

Information on Payday Loan Applications

There are only a couple of pieces of information that you do have to provide on most payday loan applications. First, you have to provide proof of your employment and your upcoming payday. Recent pay stubs or a record of direct deposit from your employer should suffice.

If you're applying online, you are probably going to have to provide the lender with an account number for your checking account. Not only will this enable the lender to make a direct deposit of your loan as soon as possible, it will also be the way that they insure their repayment. You will have to authorize the lender to withdraw the money, along with interest, when your next paycheck comes in.

People often wonder if they can get extensions on their cash advance loans. Generally, on first payday loan applications, you have to pay the loan back immediately when your paycheck comes in. If you have a relationship with the company (many offer V.I.P. status to repeat clients who have made payments on time), then you can generally get more money, and/or ask for an extension if you need until your next payday to pay the loan back.

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