Payroll Cash Advances

Written by Jill Morrison
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Payroll cash advances can be very helpful if you need cash between paydays. Whether you are paid weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or otherwise, there may come a time when you need some quick emergency cash. When this happens, you can apply for a payroll cash advance and receive cash within one business day.

Using Payroll Cash Advances

Payroll cash advances are small loans that are given out quickly and must be paid back quickly as well. The loans are usually $500 or less and must be paid back on the date of your next payday. They can be used for any reason, but they are most commonly used for emergencies and for making bill payments on time.

You can apply for payroll cash advances on the Internet if you want to save some time. Online application forms are much quicker to fill out and to submit than forms that you must send with a fax machine. When you submit an online application, you will often receive a response within a few hours. Online lenders typically contact their applicants through e-mail.

A payroll cash advance can be used for any reason. You can this type of loan for an emergency, to pay bills, to make a necessary purchase, to go on a vacation, or for any reason that you desire. Unlike most other types of loans, lenders of small loans do not worry about what each loan will be used for.

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