College Scholarships

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Scholarships are one of the most advantageous sources of money for college. College scholarships are ideal because unlike loans, they do not have to be paid back. A scholarship is basically a gift. It is money given to a student who meets certain eligibility requirements to pay for school. Eligibility requirements are different for every scholarship.

Eligibility for College Scholarships

Individual performance is often a major factor. Either for grades, athletics, or leadership, scholarships are awarded to recognize and reward outstanding students who have worked hard and are serious about a college education. Large scholarships are given to top students and depending on the college, anyone who maintains a certain minimum GPA can qualify for some scholarship money every year.

Financial need is a second major consideration in awarding scholarships. There are many students who would thrive and succeed in college, even if they were not the top students at their high school. If they can demonstrate sufficient financial need, there is a considerable amount of scholarship money set aside for those in positions of economic necessity. Student and parent income are the primary deciding factors in eligibility.

Still other scholarships are not based only on achievement or need, but on membership in a certain group. Private businesses and clubs often offer scholarship money to their members, as do certain minority groups. There are scholarships set-up for Native American, African American, and gay and lesbian students. Depending on your racial background, gender, sexual orientation, or membership in a club, you may be eligible to receive substantial scholarship money.

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