Free Money For College

Written by Seth Cotterell
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If you're searching for free money for college you have several resources at your disposal. Traditionally, students have been able to go through their financial aid office or get money directly from the federal government. Both of these are good sources of aid and will help students meet the cost of a higher education.

Getting Free Money for College

Going through a student financial aid office or the federal government is perfect for students because it is a free service. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is all that is required to get access to government scholarships, grants, and loans. Just remember to get your FAFSA turned in on time or you could face long delays in receiving your money.

There are additional sources of free money for college too. High school counselors, financial aid offices, and many book stores have books that are filled with scholarships and grants. These books provide the names and contact information for private scholarships. They also list eligibility requirements, application procedures, and deadlines.

The newest and most efficient and effective tool for locating free money for college is the Internet. Internet sites devoted to locating free scholarships are an ideal way to find that extra money. Searches take far less time than by looking in a book or going through a financial aid office and results are usually much more pertinent. This is a great resource for locating additional aid sources such as internships and work study.

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