Free Scholarship Search

Written by Seth Cotterell
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There are several ways to search for scholarships. When I was in college, I purchased a book that listed literally thousands of scholarships and grants. It explained application procedures and detailed eligibility requirements. While the book was a valuable resource, it was also quite expensive.

Many people will choose to limit themselves to free searches. A traditional free search would involve a student going to their financial aid office and talking with a counselor. Unfortunately, financial aid counselors are often too busy with other things to provide adequate assistance to most students who are seriously searching.

Free Scholarship Searches Online

A more effective way to engage in a free scholarship search is to take advantage of Internet technology. An internet search using the right financial aid locator will instantly provide results. Students will turn up available scholarships relating to their search criteria or they can browse through all scholarship listings. Internet searches are the best because they will only turn up results for currently available listings whereas books often list scholarships that are no longer awarded.

Not all financial aid finding websites are free. Some ask that you join as a member while others require a fee each time you use their services. While these services are valuable, there are high quality websites that offer their services completely free of charge. Free financial aid finders are a great resource for anyone serious about earning an advanced degree. You can even sign up to receive free updates and notifications as they become available.

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