Government Grant For College

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The United States government provides many resources for students who want to go to college. The government encourages college attendance because people with college degrees are more productive citizens and contribute more to the overall well being and functioning of an orderly society. As a result, the department of education provides many different sources of financial aid money.

Government Grants for College

The government provides loans, scholarships, work study, internships, and other alternative methods of paying for college. The government also offers grants to eligible students. Grants are an excellent method of college financing. You can check with your local financial aid office or search online for grant eligibility requirements.

When the government awards grants, it most often does so on the basis of financial need. Unlike scholarships that are usually performance based, government grants are intended for those students whose family income is too low to allow them to pay for the high cost of college tuition and fees. Filling out the FAFSA is the first step toward receiving government grants for college.

There are certain types of grants that are not exclusively need based. These are most often research grants. Obtaining a grant of this type usually involves writing a grant proposal that outlines what the field of study will be and what the money will be used for. While undergraduate students can and do receive grants of this type, they are more common in graduate and post graduate studies.

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