Government Grants

Written by Seth Cotterell
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To receive a government grant for college, the first thing to do is file and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application, known as the FAFSA, is a blanket application that the government uses to determine eligibility for various sources of financial aid including scholarships, loans, and grants.

Determining Eligibility for Government Grants

Eligibility for government grants is usually determined based on the financial need of the student and her or his family. Students from lower income families are able to receive grants that people from wealthier families do not qualify for. This is meant to give everyone, regardless of family situation, the opportunity to earn a college degree.

What is great about grants is that they do not accumulate interest like student loans. In fact, grants do not even have to be paid back. The money is free from the government for educational use. You may also be eligible for a grant if you have unusual financial hardships such as outstanding medical bills.

If you think you might be eligible to receive a government grant, you will want to submit your FAFSA at the earliest possible date. While the government does not accept FAFSAs before a certain date, it is advisable to submit it as soon as you can to avoid unforeseen delays. The government may ask you to submit documents verifying the financial information you provide and this may slow down processing.

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