Sallie Mae Student Loans

Written by Seth Cotterell
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You may not be familiar with Sallie Mae, but if you are a student seeking financial aid for college, it is a name you should remember. Sallie Mae began as a quasi government agency in the early 1970s and is in the business of providing financial aid to students. Run for decades with the help and support of the federal government, Sallie Mae recently became a totally independent, private company and its student loans have helped millions of people earn a college degree.

Sallie Mae is a business like any other and must therefore make a profit. This means that Sallie Mae is not in the business of awarding scholarships and grants. Its primary function is to provide students with college loans. It is an excellent resource for locating student loans of all types. You can find undergraduate, alternative, and parent loans just to name a few. If you already know the name of a specific loan, you can find that there, too.

The company mostly handles loans guaranteed by the federal government. Federal backing is what allows Sallie Mae to offer so many loans to so many different people in so many different situations. Interest rates are typically low and it is easy to apply. If you have a computer and internet access, you can apply directly online.

Other Sallie Mae Services

Sallie Mae can do more than help you find a good student loan. Once you've graduated, the company will assist you in consolidating your bills into lower payments. They have a scholarship finder and they offer home loans as well.

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