Scholarship Applications

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Every scholarship has its own unique application procedure and eligibility requirements. Knowing the application process and qualifications for a scholarship is half the battle. Many students do not even bother to check basic requirements and end up wasting time applying for scholarships they are not even remotely qualified for.

Before you apply for a scholarship, take a minute to check eligibility requirements to make sure you qualify. Once you've determined that you are in fact eligible, the next step is to submit your application. You can qualify for some scholarships simply by submitting your FAFSA. Other scholarships will require additional documentation and more work.

Scholarship Application Materials

Many scholarships require students to submit an essay. The scholarship essay is one of the best opportunities to convince reviewers why you should be awarded a scholarship over the other applicants. Pay serious attention to your scholarship essay and you might even want to have it reviewed by others. If your school has a writing center, this is a great place to get good constructive criticism and feedback on your application essay.

Other scholarships will require additional documentation and information. Recommendation letters from teachers or former employers might be required along with official transcripts and proof of extra-curricular activities. Pay very close attention to application deadlines. Even if you have the best grades, recommendations, and essays, if your application does not arrive on time, you will not be considered.

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