Scholarships For Women

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Historically, women have experienced significant disadvantages in employment and educational opportunities. Until the women's liberation revolution of a few decades ago, there were female college graduates and few successful women in the business world. Women today still experience difficulty earning college degrees and landing good jobs after graduation.

To help resolve the educational inequalities between men and women, schools and private groups have sponsored scholarships exclusively for women. Scholarships for women enable more women to enroll in college and earn degrees. These women can then enter the professional world and have greater chances to succeed than their under-educated counterparts.

Tough Competition for Scholarships for Women

Because there are so many gifted, dedicated women out there fighting for a handful of female-only scholarships, competition can be extremely fierce. Being a brilliant student with straight As does not necessarily guarantee a women a top scholarship. There are many intelligent women applying with grades that are just as good or better. It often comes down to extracurricular activities, leadership, references, and a stellar application essay. If you are a woman seeking a scholarship, be prepared to have to work for it.

Scholarships for women are most easily found online. A simple search can produce a list of women only scholarships where it used to take hours and hours of meticulous searching, wading through all available scholarships to find only a handful of scholarships for women only.

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