Day Trading

Written by Michael Federico
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Day trading is beginning to rival trading on Wall St. in a number of different ways. The pace of day trading, in many cases, is as fast as the pace on the floor of the NYSE. The money made and lost in a short amount of time is also comparable. Finally, many day traders have begun to see themselves as the new generation of stock market millionaires. They believe that they are far more closely linked to the market sharks of the ‘80s than traders working in the major investment firms today.

Day traders make a living (or at least attempt to) by executing a number of trades through the course of one day. The amount of money spent and the actual trade count will vary from person to person, but it is safe to say that true day traders are extremely serious about what they do. The Internet is their means to making money, and they will make moves online until the bell rings in New York. Often when that happens, they will move onto other markets that are still open.

Getting Started in Day Trading

Trading fast and frequently is a good way to limit loss. However, limiting loss usually limits gain, as well. This is why most day traders have to make a high number of trades each day to make any real money.

If a person is committed to becoming a serious day trader, he must find an online service that has no daily trade limit, or at least a very high limit. He should also find an investment site that grants him access to real-time stock quotes. The best sites also give their members the opportunity to use the finest trading software on the market.

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