Emini Futures Trading Systems

Written by Michael Federico
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Trading e-minis is a great way for people to break into the futures market. Minis are traded in much the same way as traditional futures, so a person can truly figure out the complexities and the risks involved. However, mini contracts are less expensive, so a person does not have to put as much money on the line. Also, e-minis are strictly traded online, so deals can be made from pretty much any location in the world.

E-mini futures can be traded for companies on the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100. There are systems in place that function for one of the markets, and there are systems that will work for both. Many of the e-mini systems allow a person to hold both a day trading and swing position. When swing trades are brought into the mix, the risk level is usually increased. However, when risk goes up, the chance for large profits often goes up, as well.

Choosing an E-mini Futures Trading System

Inertia, Daisho, and Spartan are just a few of the e-mini trading systems available. Each employs a slightly different strategy for trading. There are systems that allow a person to hold only one futures contract at a time, while others enable him to carry two or more. There are systems that are strictly for day trading, abandoning a position overnight, and there are those that will carry a position into the next day.

The choice of a system should be dictated by a person’s needs. Some people will want to limit risk as much as possible. They can find an intra-day program that reduces risk and helps to cut losses short. People who really want to roll the dice can find a system that gives them a bit more leeway to make bold deals that might require more than one trading day to come about.

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