Online Trading

Written by Michael Federico
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There are very few ways to make a "free" dollar in this day and age. People are constantly trying to develop money-making schemes or latch onto "get rich quick" programs. There was a time when many people in the United States saw the stock market as their ticket to vast fortunes and easy living. However, most quickly found out that stocks were not incredibly different from all of those other programs out there, and it cost a lot more to play the market than it did to pay for a real estate seminar or to pick a few lucky lottery numbers each week.

There are several things that make trading difficult for the average person. First of all, the markets are incredibly unpredictable. Even the most seasoned veterans will have days, weeks, months, or even years when they just can't seem to make the right moves. Also, it costs money to make substantial trades. The initial investment is part of that cost, but there are also broker fees and commissions that further diminish a person's chances of making any real money on a trade.

Saving Money through Online Trading

While the risk involved in trading is great, it is possible to make money. One of the first things a person can do to give himself more opportunities to profit is to eliminate the middle man. Online trading is far cheaper than even the lower level brokerage firms. Often times, there is no registration fee, so a person ends up spending only about $10 a trade. This means that when he makes money on a trade, he actually gets to keep that money instead of having to pass a large part of it on to someone else.

Online trading sites have almost all of the trading options offered by investment companies. A person can deal in stocks, commodities, futures, e minis, bonds, and much more. There is no pressure to invest a certain amount of money, so the person decides exactly how much he is willing to spend without having to filter his decisions through a broker or advisor. Should he need advice, though, most online services offer professional assistance.

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