0% Credit Cards

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Zero percent credit cards may have short introductory periods during which the rate is effective but you can still take advantage of these offers. Credit card companies usually use this sort of promotion to entice consumers and attract new customers. They know that offering low rates generates new business and then they can gradually increase the rate over the coming months or years.

Where to Find

Most cards that offer low or zero interest rates usually accept only balance transfers. Unfortunately you will not be able to keep the same card that you currently have in order to reap the benefits of these deals. You undoubtedly receive credit offers in the mail promising zero interest. Select one of these or you can look at credit card comparison sites in order to find the best card for you.

Saving with Zero Percent Credit Cards

If you have any significant credit card balances you will be able to see the savings immediately if you have a credit card that charges no interest. For example, if your balance is currently $7,000 and you are able to transfer the balance to a new card with a zero rate you can save up to $150 per month in finance charges. These savings are significant when you consider that the minimum payment required on that balance will almost entirely go towards interest charges.

When you continue to only make the minimum payment you are guaranteeing that you will have the credit card debt for quite some time. Saving hundreds of dollars each month on interest charges can greatly reduce the length of time that you will have to pay for the credit card. Paying only the minimum due on zero percent credit cards will allow you to pay down the balance rather than finance charges and move steps closer to paying off your debt.

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