American Express Business Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When it comes to business credit cards, American Express has been the card of choice for decades. Both their Blue Cash card and their Business Gold Card are ranked high among top sellers. Users enjoy the traditional American Express advantages as well as features unique to these quality business cards.

Have You Seen the Blue Card?

The attractive Blue card requires excellent credit and offers cash rebates, no annual fee, and a six month zero percent introductory APR. The APR you are charged after the initial free period depends on your credit rating. On the other hand, the Gold card comes with no fees for the first year and no pre-set limit or finance charges. It even offers a business savings program and special card events.

Small business owners should take some time to learn how best to use any credit cards they consider. A card that has no spending limit and offers a low interest rate is ideal. It will allow the business owner to purchase supplies and services at any time knowing that the credit card bill can be paid off when customers make their payments later in the month. Business cards can also be used for travel and entertainment purposes, giving the holder needed flexibility that can help make his or her company grow quickly.

When cards are designed with customer needs in mind, those customers remain loyal and spread the word to their peers. This is the case with American Express business credit cards, which continue to hold a position of respect in the business world, especially among small business owners. If you want to become an American Express customer, simply apply online. American Express promises an answer within one minute.

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