American Express Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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For years, American Express credit cards have been the ultimate credit resource. Users are usually delighted with their card's unlimited buying power, and they are often used by small and multinational businesses alike. While it has traditionally been more difficult to get an American Express card, that is because of the unique way they were designed.

The Advantages of American Express

Persons who want to get American Express flexibility must have a higher income than those required by other cards, and they must also have great or excellent credit. American Express cards may be used for very large purchases. In the past, the total balance had to be be paid within one billing cycle. Today, American Express is offering a variety of cards with different payment rules and procedures.

Cardholders now have more options and features, and they continually sing the praises of American Express, especially when it comes to business uses. Some of the new features include fraud protection, up to five percent cash back on purchases, and even an option to pay in full or carry a balance at any time. This flexibility has made American Express credit cards more desirable than ever.

People who get American Express cards become cardholder members, entitling them to online account access, online bill payment, the benefits listed above and several others that make this card unique. For example, their little green cards come with no pre-set spending limit, a year-end summary of charges, and purchase protection. You can apply for it and any other American Express cards online and will usually have a response within minutes.

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