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Best Credit Card Rates

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When searching for the best credit card rates, you need to be realistic about your own spending habits. Are you someone who will pay off your credit card every month, or will you carry some credit card debt? If you'll have debt, you want to get a credit card with offers that will make that debt easier to handle.

Best Credit Card Rates for Debt-Carriers

If you tend to carry debt from month to month on your credit card, don't sweat it--you're not alone. Practically 100 percent of the people with credit cards carry some debt. Okay, maybe it's not that high, but it certainly seems that way, and there's no doubt that the majority of people looking for the best credit card rates need to look for offers that help them with that debt load.

The key to handling credit card debt is to make sure it doesn't get out of control. This was the problem my parents had. When they first got their credit cards, the business wasn't as competitive, and they didn't have as many offers to choose from. They were therefore faced with offers of cards with high interest rates.

High interest rates can be a disaster for those who carry debt. No matter how careful you are, your credit card balance can multiply with the interest charges until it's impossible to pay off. If you're already in that nasty situation, try to find a company that offers credit card balance transfers. This allows you to take the balance from a high interest rate card, and transfer it to a new card with a very low APR.

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