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Best Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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A judgment on the best credit cards can be very subjective. I love to fly. For me, a card that offers frequent flyer miles is the best. But for someone who rarely flies, that offer holds no appeal whatsoever.

Finding the Best Credit Cards

Still, there are some things that apply across the board when you're looking into the best credit cards. For example, there's the APR, or annual percentage rate. Often, one of the many offers available from a company is a card with a low APR.

It's simple Credit Cards 101 that the best credit cards are those with the best credit card rates. A low APR gives you those low rates. The APR is the amount of interest you pay on your credit card balances. The lower the APR your credit card offers, the less you'll have to pay.

In a side-by-side credit card comparison, you'll see the APRs of all your potential credit cards. However, choosing your card is still not that simple. There are at least 101 other things you need to look at first. For example, you might not qualify for a card with a low APR if your credit history is less than stellar. If this is the case, never fear, you can always find alternate credit card offers that might work for you.

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