Best Credit Cards

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The best credit cards for one person may be completely different for another consumer. Just because one card has a lower rate or longer grace period does not make it the ideal credit account for everyone. Knowing what you are looking for and having a financial plan in place will help you decide what card is best for you.

Researching the Best Credit Cards
We can look at two scenarios to find out what the best credit card may be. For people that live paycheck to paycheck with minimal savings the best card may be one that has a low interest rate and low minimum payments. This will allow the card holder to properly budget for credit expenses and not face financial distress because of a high credit balance.

Many high income consumers also like to use credit cards, either for larger purchases or to serve as an interest free "loan" for a month. If they pay the balance due each month then there is no worry about what the interest rate is. This person may be looking for a higher credit limit or better rewards as they may charge numerous items during the course of the month.

So Which is Best For You?
Each person must decide what credit account options and terms they like as well as assess their financial situation. By determining how much you can afford to pay each month you should be able to see what your personal credit limits are and what type of card is best for you. The best credit cards for you may even change on a periodic basis depending on interest rates or your financial situation.

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