Business Credit Card

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A business credit card will give you the flexibility to make purchases when you need them rather than having to wait for the accounting department to issue you a check. Although you may have good credit and be able to pay for a business trip or other expensive items, you can feel much safer knowing that the charge will go directly to the company. This will ease any concerns about you being responsible for paying for the purchases made.

Business Credit Card Ratings

Even if you or your company are just starting out and do not have any credit history there are many card companies willing to supply your business with a credit account. Some issuers may offer better payment terms but charge higher interest rates for unpaid balances. When deciding what card to choose it is important to research all available options.

By looking online or at consumer websites you can get a good idea of which companies have a good reputation and which may be known for bad practices. Reviewing rankings should allow you to see what the issuer charges for rates, what their payment terms are and other information needed to make a final decision. Choosing a business credit card company is a big decision and one that should be examined before diving in.

Can My Small Company Qualify?

Many Americans today face large credit card debt as a result of vacations, college expenses or even weddings. Some credit card companies have come under fire because they are very willing to offer credit to anyone with a stable income. Though this may be a bad thing for individual consumers, it is good for businesses looking to expand, ramp up for new products or just float on credit for a short while. Determining whether or not your company is credit worthy can be done very quickly and in many instances online.

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