Business Credit Cards

Written by Jessica Duquette
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When You Need a Business Credit Card

Many new businesses require cash on hand to make purchases or payments that will enable the business to become established or to expand when the time is right. Having buying power at such times can be critical to the success of the company, and getting a business credit card can be one way to ensure that payrolls are met or purchases are approved. As always, finding the right card is essential.

If you have never used a business credit card before, there are some points you should consider. Business credit cards are available with much higher limits than the average personal card. They can also come with some attractive options and benefits such as rebates on business purchases and extended warranty protection. If you are trying to grow your business or are faced with a cash-flow problem, business credit cards may be a real help to you.

Benefits of Business Credit Cards

Some of the attractions of a business credit card include high credit limits available, fee waivers, very low interest rates, balance transfer options, and perks such as extended warranty coverage on purchased items. Having peace of mind knowing that you can avoid the embarrassment of not having cash on hand is also a benefit of having a business credit card. Many business cards also offer online credit management assistance that can save you money and provide you with helpful information.

You can also make purchases online with your business credit card, saving both time and money. The convenience of making online purchases can be a necessity for small businesses especially. When you get a business credit card, many of the credit companies will emboss it with your company logo as well. Remember to look for the benefits you need when you are searching for your new credit card.

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