Corporate Credit Card

Written by Jessica Duquette
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If you've recently started your own business you understand how time consuming purchasing can be. Without a corporate credit card, the burden of purchasing falls on one person; usually someone who doesn't have enough time to manage the process. By expanding your credit to encompass a corporate card, purchasing within your business is divided and managed with more care and concern for your company dollars.

Unlimited Advantages

There are many advantages to having a corporate credit card. No annual fees, adjustable line of credit and detailed expense management reports are all tools that can help your business thrive without monopolizing your time and effort. Your cards come customized with your business name and can be distributed to as many or as few employees as you prefer.

By offering a corporate credit card, you can earn miles and rebates based on the dollars spent by your employees. Do you have a sales team that travels frequently? Have them start earning bonus miles to eventually pay for their airfare. With corporate cards you benefit from spending.

Strategic Partnerships Provide Discounts

Many credit card companies have formed partnerships with major B2B companies. For example, you can earn discounts at office supply stores and purchase computer equipment at reduced rates all by owning a corporate card. With extensive fraud protection and excellent customer service, you'll be happy you made the switch.

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