Corporate Credit Cards

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Corporate credit cards can help any company, large or small; finance their operations, travel expenses or other large purchases. A corporate card can have many advantages over employees using their personal credit cards for business expenses. These cards can also increase the buying power of an organization by relying on the company's credit status rather than one individual.

No Waiting Time

For organizations that depend on fast decisions and last minute travel for sales meetings, corporate credit cards eliminate the need for an approval process or waiting for a travel administrator to get back to you. By having a credit card issued under a corporate name you can charge your own travel and make that crucial appearance in front of a prospective customer. In addition to closing the deal you may be able to save money by taking advantage of travel discounts that you may have missed.

Although the use of the credit card is subject to each employee's authorization, there are ways to protect the company from fraud, excessive spending or personal use. By contacting the credit card issuer, the company can set spending limits, charge categories or institute an approval process. Since the ultimate liability lies in the company's hands it is important to monitor credit card activity and have processes in place.

Applying for Corporate Credit Cards

Whether you are a new business owner or one with a seasoned history, you know that there are many credit card companies anxious to gain your business. Whether applying for a new card or looking to transfer balances, you can apply on the phone, through the mail or via the Internet, the easiest way of all. Each option will provide you with all the credit card policies and rates.

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