Credit Card Applications

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Online Credit Card Applications

Filling out credit card applications online is about as simple as it can be. All you have to do is fill in a few blanks detailing your personal information such as address and social security number. Then you will have to provide some information about your income and whether you own or rent your home.

The company will then run a credit history on you using one of the three major credit bureaus. Based on the score you receive, you will get an approval or a denial with a reason generally within a few minutes. After that, the company will send you your card or cards indicating your new credit limit and explaining how to activate the card. Once the card is activated, you will be able to begin to charge with it and will be expected to make payments.

Other Online Services

In addition to offering online applications processes, many credit card companies are now also offering online services such as billing notification and payments. You can pay online using another credit card, a check, or a debit card. One advantage to paying online is that you can make your payments fairly close to the due date and will be able to print out a verification of payment immediately.

You can also review recent purchases and payments. Other online services can include credit-limit increase requests and emailing questions or concerns about your account. You can also review the terms of your credit card agreement and find out about other cards the company offers.

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